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Tolerance, respect, inclusiveness, joy, and many other things embedded in an enpowering symbol that inspires, motivates and challenges the cycling industry.


You, our main inspiration!

It's no secret that you are our heroes! I've lost count of how many times I've thought of giving up on cycling, and then I saw you doing your best and getting out there on your bike, jumping up on the trainer, Zwifting, lifting, moving, living! A fire burned within me, and I couldn't quit! I felt like we're a community, we belonged! Thank you so much for posting on social media, blogs, Strava and the like! Your story inspires and motivates many others, no matter if you're cycling around the block, pushing a bike, you are a cyclist, and you make a difference! You help me keep going, you keep XL Biking alive!

You shouldn't be left out of the cycling culture, no one should! The thought stuck with me when I was reading a cycling magazine on the plane to Germany.

Enlighted in Berlin

We already had the XL Biking logo as a reminder that we stand for good things, respect, tolerance, inclusiveness and cycling joy. But, I thought it was time to get our colors out there in the form of a powerful and empowering statement that would immediately be recognized, celebrate cycling for everyone and, of course, fit us large cyclists! A jersey! My inspiration for the design came when attending an art exhibition in Berlin. That was it! The colors, the lines, the human caleidoscope XL Biking is! It can't be dull, it has to be seen! There is space out there to be taken, it belongs to us, we can't be ignored! When I came back home I had to grab some markers and draw a sketch!

Large cyclists are just as passionate about cycling as anyone else. I wanted to celebrate the cycling tours and chose some to be in the design. A reminder that no one can say that I'm not allowed to cycle and love the sport just because I'm fat!

Our jersey tells your story, it marks the birth and growth of a community of cyclists that make a difference by being who they are, cycling and moving as they want in their own terms, making the independent choice of owning their lifestyle

and challenging norms and the industry!

Tour de France's yellow? Yes! Tour of Britain's gold? You've got it! And also orange for the Tour Down Under ('cause everyone loves Aussies!), rojo or red for the Vuelta a España, and pink for the Giro d'Italia - mamma mia! But, make no mistake, the blue is there for Autism Spectrum and ADHD, symbolizing diversity in those areas as well and a reminder that we are in this together!

I'm very excited to share this vision with you and that the Jersey is finally for sale after being thoroughly tested in real life and real challenges by people in our community! Altogether there were thousands of kilometers, dozens of washes, many size corrections and color fixing, as well as a few minor design changes. We've also kept the production here in Europe to support our local businesses in these tough Corona times. The materials are italian, because well... why should only the "pros" have the best? We decided to make the Jerseys "sporty tight" instead of aero tight. That means that if you want to be more comfortable you can size up, and if that Strava segment is still getting to your nerves, size down and go full aero to conquer it! When You buy the jersey you're helping us encourage many others around the world! As our community grows, more people are taking the leap into cycling and owning their own life in their own terms! That also means more hours dedicated to listening, motivating, empowering and answering all sorts of questions!

Most importantly, you have helped me change my own life! My frail health doesn't paralyze me as before, and I'm already designing other clothing for our amazing community! Thank you so much for being my heroes! - Ebbe Silva

Proud XL Biker.

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