Bike Partner 2020 - Pelago Bicycles

This Finnish bicycle brand is the embodiment of all XL Biking believes!

Once every few years something of great significance happens! It has been said that brands that listen, care, respect and go the distance to benefit all riders are the future of cycling. Finland's Pelago Bicycles is definitely one of them!

Founded by brothers Mikko and Timo Hyppönen, Pelago has a no-nonsense philosophy and approach to bikes which should be learned and looked into by the rest of the industry.

Firmitas Utilitas Venustas

Stability, Utility, Elegance. Need we say more?

The company builds bicycles that "serve the purpose". What purpose, one may ask? All possible purposes you can imagine for a bicycle to tackle. The Stavanger is their gravel, commuting, randonneur, explorer and adventurous platform that has been used with much success by riders worldwide for all sorts of riding. Steel is renown as the king of bicycle materials, Pelago knows this. Able to withstand the rigours of world traveling, multipurpose carrying, components and parts compatibility, the frame and fork of the Stavanger come ready with various mounts. It's easiness for repairs and comfortable characteristics, makes steel a perfect choice for both heavy riders and those looking to venture into long distance riding.

Attention to detail

The elegant Stavanger is nicely welded and the fork's lugged construction is a classic (and sturdy) touch which lifts the timelessness of this bike.

We're excited to put it to the test as it looks amazingly inviting. There's plenty of tire clearance, at first glance up to 45mm or even more! The shorter chain stays indicate that this bike might bring surprises when accelerating is needed!

A trendsetter, Pelago builds bicycles that are here to stay, standing against the appeal of break-it-and-throw-it products, creating something truly stylish that lasts. A trustworthy companion, if you will.

Born to be wild

Equipped with Schwalbes 40mm G-one tires, tubeless ready 32H rims, an 11-34 cassette in the back, 48-32 10 sp cranks, 2by Tiagra, flared handlebars, and dual pull TRP Spyre brake callipers, the Outback is screaming for action away from the worries of daily life and into the freedom of the path less pedaled!

XL Biking and Pelago

For us at XL Biking it's a great privilege to have Pelago onboard our cause to help create a more tolerant, accepting, and equal cycling culture. Not all brands are interested in the work we do to include and integrate larger riders and people with functional variations into the world of cycling. Everyone rides, everyone deserves good products that are here to last! XL Biking does not fit into the cookie cutter philosophy of many brands that ignore our diversity and force us into an average Joe pattern - which for us means lack of bikes our size, lack of cycling gear, and poor treatment at shops.

Pelago has treated us well, with respect, and

without the least sign of prejudice, fatshaming

or undermining us in any way, shape or form. THANK YOU Pelago! The stores that carry the brand here in Sweden

have also given us excellent customer care,

advice, and the same good treatment as

everyone else! Quality!

Pelago's commitment to the entire experience of cycling sets a standard which inspires and motivates us. We're glad to meet one more brand that "sees" every cyclist - and that includes XL Bikers!

We will keep you posted about our XL Biking Stavanger, and hope to come back with nice reviews, tests and reports! Until then, check out Pelago's webpage and Instagram profile. You're in for a good ride! Happy Cycling!

Ebbe Silva XL biking - Heavy and Rolling.

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