Motivation Monday

Uppdaterad: 9 dec 2020

I'm sitting here with piles of things to do and it is raining cats and dogs outside...

It's one of those days. You know you have to manage, administrate, budget, review orders, plan and learn the solo daily scrum of life to get the sprints rolling. All sounds productive and fine, but you wanna ride. On top of that, your knee is reminding you that you have to rest in order to get going again. You turn on your favorite music (Avicii nowadays) and try to get things done.

Nothing replaces the joy of seeing XLbikers happy and riding!

A quick peek on Instagram (nobody does that while working, right?) and boom! A motivation boost! There they are, riding, sharing, encouraging, motivating and inspiring! They are the reason XL Biking exists and works hard to find even more of us! Excitement is back, inspiration flowing, nothing replaces the joy of seeing Xlbikers happy and riding! I look back to the week prior to this and am reminded that I'm not working in vain!

For a long time heavy riders were not welcome on the roads and were seeing as the butt of people's jokes - not so much anymore! We're one, we're united, we're reaching out to one another and finding friends and riding buddies! Social media is not the same - we're here to do some good with it!

The picture of the obese man on the couch soothing his depression with food and TV is changing into the happy XLbiking on the road on his bike! The idea of the overweight woman who has to be nice to fit in the group is changed into the determined XLbiking who is able to conquer new ground and ride into the sunset with new hope.

A message for you, dear overweight friend

Sweden, Norway, USA, Estonia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Korea, there are friends of XLbiking all over the world - You're not alone! Take it from us, we understand what is like to battle with the extra pounds and Kilograms. Here at XLbiking our focus is not performance, we want to inspire and motivate! That's why we test and try products, communicate with the cycling industry for more equal cycling! We also welcome you and others with the same love, same respect, same energy and enthusiasm as anyone else! You are precious, important, wanted and welcome!

We hope you feel right at home with us! You've found your people! Whether you push your bike, ride only a few meters a day, walk first to improve condition for later riding, we've all been there! You're just as much a cyclist as anyone of us! We don't look down on you, trust me some of us (me included) battle with diabetes, depression, low self-esteem, years without physical activity, creaking joints - you name it!

We are a passionate bunch about cycling and it has given us a better life! Try it! Get in touch with us on social media! We're all over the place - even Linkedin! See you there or somewhere on the road! Ebbe Paz e Silva

Founder - XL biking. _________________________

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