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From America to all XLbikers worldwide - cycling gear that fits! Does it really?

I first found out about Aerotech Designs while searching the internet for cycling gear for XLbikers, but it wasn't until Cissi, a Swedish XLbiker, sent me their Tree Adventure Jersey, that I came to appreciate the brand (Tack Cissi!). This particular one came in size 4XL which for me had the perfect combination of not being too tight nor marking too much of my body, besides giving me some room to breathe and also not have any rashes!

Businesses that do not listen to all sorts of riders have no future in the cycling industry. Aerotech listens and acts upon it!

I reached out to the guys at Aerotech and they put together a gravel kit for me to test for XLbiking, following the new trends in cycling apparel. Soon enough their Multisport Cargo Shorts, the Premium Unisex Jersey and their Gel Touring Bibs (with pockets!) came in the mail! I ordered all of them in size 4XL American, knowing that my actual american size is 3XL, but I was looking for a specific degree of comfort - and, that was spot on! I'm not suggesting anyone should size up, in the future I'll be sizing down, but since I was looking forward to some rowdy gravel rides I figured I could use some extra room.

if I could summarise the entire experience in one word it would be "comfort"! That is a rare feeling for an XLbiking having to deal with European brands always making clothes for Tour de France types, which in the end are too small even for regular riders, let alone XLbikers! The Jersey features nice back pockets, a reflective zipper in the front which adds a stylish safety detail, and the WickAway fabrics do keep you dry! The sleeves were roomy though not flappy, but I wished they'd been a little longer.

The fit was superb, and I couldn't be more pleased. I happened to try it in a particular hot day and the breathability of the fabric made quite a difference!

I found myself looking for the jersey quite often before my rides, and that says a lot since I'm quite picky with looks, design and function! The Multisport shorts put a smile on my face! It seemed Aerotech had read my mind, a long crotch, belt, fully functional pockets in various sizes, stretch fabrics, full zipper, no gimmicks just quality! A subtle reflex that doesn't go unnoticed despite its size was

also present. I like velcro, but the functionality of the zipper on the pockets was much better and appreciated. The shorts are unpadded which means you can wear them either with your favorit cycling shorts or cycling underwear. I settled for the Gonso Cycling undies since they have more a "stealth" factor. Perfect combination. The legs of the short do go up a bit during the pedalling motion, but they don't bunch up and hurt you since they're designed for cycling and not only "labeled" cycling shorts as some brands insist in doing.

All in all our put together Gravel kit delivered functionality and comfort beyond what I expected. Aerotech's jerseys are a bit "thicker" than the European ones, some like it some don't. I loved it! For an XLbiking it is important to have the added security that your gear won't just be so delicate it rips during use! Right on Aerotech! The old BMXer in me liked it :)

The Tree Adventures Jersey got a lot of love on XLbikings Instagram, people just loved the design! I like the sleeves on this one a little better! It also has a full front zipper, which sometimes came undone at the bottom, but I found the right spot and problem solved! Complete with 3 back pockets it is a great companion for longer rides and it accommodates base layers perfectly. I'm wearing my favorite arm warmers from Sigr, and a simple base layer from Decathlon. This Jersey has similar properties as the Premium Unisex Jersey, but I fount it to be a bit less comfortable around the chest area. Having a full zipper made it easy to have it open and enjoy the wind on some descents during hot days - yeah!

The Score

Aerotech Designs ranks amongst the best I've tested up to now. They deliver everything they promise on their website and are one of the few companies that listens to riders taking input and feedback!

They get a 4 out of 5 possible XLbikers, but only because there is still room for improvement! This is an innovative and courageous enough company that push the boundaries and caters to the needs of larger cyclists! More please! The functionality of their clothes is very good and the fitting is spot on! Impressive! By far the most comfortable Jerseys I've worn.

I would not hesitate to wear any of the Aerotech products I've tried in Gravel events, long rides, touring or just cruising around the woods or the city. The versatility of these items is great and helps to stay away from the overly tight lycra look that seems to dominate European cycling. I can go into the cafe, stop by a restaurant on a long ride, and just be! I'll come back with a special review of the Gel Touring Bibs by Aerotech. The fall is here and I have great plans for them! Stay tuned! Please follow us on social media, tell other XLbikers and XL friends about these products. As a big cyclist I know it is hard to find gear that fits correctly - but now it just became a lot easier!

Cyclist: Ebbe "XLbiking" Length: 6'1 (187cm)

Weight: 315 Lb (144 Kg)

Location: Sweden. Experience: Former BMXer, then urban, and recently a Gravel convert.

Bike: Specialized Sequoia Base Model Dreambike: La Fraise Randonneur Tout Terrain. Instagram: @xlbiking

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