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XL Biking is growing, it has its own life and expression. What are others saying about it? More importantly, what is the community saying? Is it living up to the hopes of a better cycling culture?

WORLD, 2021-07-24

The XL Biking community has its own life and is organically forming its own values and opinions, constantly evolving from the interaction of all members of all walks of life.

The core values are part of a larger cornerstone upon which we build. The blog gives us all a voice, but doesn't replace any of the precious and amazing individuals who dare to challenge the status quo of the current cycling culture and form something better of it - something "XL" or extra large, so big it has a place for all cyclists.

It's easy to take things for granted when much of the cycling industry is geared towards a certain body size. Non-normative cyclists often struggle to find acceptance in cycling clubs, communities and the like. That is detrimental both to the sport and to humanity as a whole. We need more people on bikes, not less. XL Biking is here to see that happen. Everyone has the right to ride a bike in their own terms. Cyclists come in all shapes and sizes!

As the founder of XL Biking I'm a cyclist amongst equals. The pressure of stigmas, fatshaming and the constant refusal of some cycling brands to accommodate larger riders has at times made me consider giving up. The community has often encouraged me to keep pushing forward, a "ride on" is always a good thing to hear along the way!

Let your voice be heard dear friend! Together we can help form a beautiful cycling culture in which all riders are welcome! As XL Bikers we visit bikeshops and check customer service, we fight for equal treatment for all. We listen to our community and have begun to design cycling jerseys in all sizes (S-8XL) constantly learning so larger riders will have access to the same great designs as everyone else, instead of a "fat collection" with inferior quality and design. We encourage and follow each other on social media and our club on Strava.

We actively speak to cycling brands and advocate for inclusivity, better equipment, stronger wheels, better clothing, and partner exclusively with brands committed to the values of our community so riders can be sure they can be trusted. Besides that we test products, help develop new ones, and are available for seminars, webinars, and speaking engagements to further include all riders in all aspects of cycling. You can do it as well! Be an influencer for good things!

Seminary for the Västerås Cycling Club. We all exclaimed "passione", passion for cycling in true italian fashion!

We will be talking more about the XL Biking Certificate which we have just started giving out to brands, shops, and others involved in the cycling industry, This is to make sure that you as a customer and cyclist will be as well treated as anyone else without any discrimination whatsoever. Look for it in the shops, and help us out by keeping an eye on shops and customer service for us. More on that coming soon!

I think it was St. Paul who said "You're living letters", and in a sense each XL Biker is a living message to the world, one that is not standardised by religion, ethnicity, gender, social constructs, the old ideals of the patriarchy nor by any outdated stereotype nor stigma that has no place in modern cycling. The beauty of it is that each one gets to add their own words and voice to the message. Thank you for inspiring each other and breathing life into XL Biking. On a more personal note, thank you for helping me up so many times!

Ebbe Silva, A proud XL Biker.

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