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The dilemma of intellectual property in today's world.

It came to my knowledge recently that since april this year (2019) someone has been using the name "XL Biking" publicly for his own benefit together with a round logo which resembles our logo, having simply changed fonts and colors - but, even kept our italics in the name "biking". That is not allowed nor endorsed by us, and I am in contact with the person to have it changed. We created XLbiking with a very clear purpose which includes blogs we run worldwide and the exclusive right we have to use the name and the logo we have created as we see fit and under the rule of law. Therefore the person or organisation using our name does not have the legal right nor permission to use it in any capacity whatsoever. It is our intellectual and immaterial property. Whichever person or organisation using our name does not represent us in any way, shape or form, and much less in any legal capacity. XLbiking International is secured and protected, accept no counterfeits. Such infringements of our rights are punishable by law.

That being said

It saddens me that I need to state my case with such vehemency. But, it is hard enough to inspire and motivate our fellow XLbiking friends and XLbikers-to-be.

A lot of us need to overcome personal barriers, prejudice, illnesses such as depression, diabetes, and the like to be able to muster the courage to go cycling and perhaps live a longer and healthier life.

The difficulties and challenges presented by the cycling culture, cycling industry, cycling apparel industry, shops and shop owners are just beginning to open up and be conquered by the dialogue and cooperation we hold with such parties and agencies for the benefit of the larger, obese, overweight and big rider. Therefore I need to be protective of our ideals and intellectual property, so we can continue to be an agent of inspiration, motivation and change worldwide, through all legal and possible means. As mentioned before, I am in touch with the person responsible and hope that he will comply with the law.

No quarrel

We hold absolutely no quarrel with the person and organisation using our name and hope that the assumedly coincidental clash of name and logo will be solved as soon as possible for the benefit of those who trust the original XLbiking (us) and the recent organisation using our name.

Our desire is to continue to generate smiles on the faces of our followers and their families. We strive for that!

Please take the time to consider becoming a sponsor via PayPal: xlbiking@gmail.com

or via Patreon . Thank you for being with us! Send us your positive energy and wish us the best in this situation so we can continue to solidify our name, mission and vision! Your friend, Ebbe Paz e Silva.

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